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I love you guys! James F. Richey

I’ve never booked online before because i thought i would get in a lot of trouble. You guys have a great selection and the best customer service I’ve ever had online!, let alone booking anything.

Lauren V

Wonderful manually Payment system, easy booking with speedy Confirmation. Your site is very much appreciated, as is your quick replies to emails. We have both recommend your business to others, and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for offering a service with grate discount that are able to help people improve their quality of life!


Paul K

 yo 10/10, I haven’t even booked online yet and I already love this website. Keep up the goood work whoever doing this u the booooomb:) Customer service was amazing over mail!

Noemi R

Used so many websites didn’t get the best. Found this website and my life is set!!! It’s manually Payment system but 100% Secure Payment.


Michael M

I got my money receipt fast with no stupid inventory problems or delays after booking and paying like other places . Book with confidence here . Descent prices and an excellent variety, it’s my fav and I couldn’t find it again anywhere till I looked here . Very happy with the Condo it’s Excellent View!!



I have Booked from or 5 times now! Never ever disappointed!



Kelvin C

I’ve booked several times and have been happy every time with the Payment system and the services. I do wish there was more Proparty.



The first time I booked from Time2Respite I needed assistance thus I asked them questions online and was so happy that they responded in a polite, professional manner and within a short period of time. The ordering process was efficient and secure and my order was filled quickly without a hitch. Here comes the good part! The quality for the price you pay is out of this world.


Larry C

I hope this is a sign of the future in this industry. Every company I have delt with have gone above and beyond with exceptional service and kindness.



i havent had the greatest experience booking online , till now!! you guys rock  definately have a new loyal customer , the price the Location outstanding keep up the good work



. Jonathan

I could not be happier with the website and level of service. The future is here! No more sketchy meets in an alley. Fast, reliable payment system and great prices to boot! I’ve already recommended Time2Respite  to my like mined friends. Keep up the great work guys!



Kristin A

I absolutely love Time2Respite, they have the best Proparty, and the best prices ever. Always best payment service I got 200 lass you’ll never be disappointed.



Harold Mullen

This is the first and only site i have booking from online. The payment system is amazing and the customer service is just as good if not better. I pay half payment that’s fair for me.


James J. Oliver

I have nothing but good words to say about this company, their payment security is very high quality at good prices, they have amazing discount all the time and not to mention the free monthly gift! There staff is very helpful and friendly, if you are unsure about this website at first (as I was) take my word for it, do yourself a favor and book now


Eugene D. Ackley

These guys are Awesome. They are the real deal!
payment system is unique I got 350 less and I pay 50% that’s so cool.

is excellent.
Great communication via email. Very responsive and attention given to customer service. Highly recommended!


Alicia N

I have had a great experience with Time2Respite over the past few months, they have some great Proparty, I have tried several different kinds of Condo. I think my personal favorite pleace  was Florida! I have had great experiences with their customer service, they have always been very quick to resolve any of my concerns. I have no issues with their Payment System, I booked early in the week and quite often get booking confirmation within 20 min. I recommend you guys often 🙂 I cannot say enough



Gotta say these guys have the BEST customer service!!! If your not happy with a payment system they will do what they can to make you happy! Been booking from them since they opened, and have had a great experience so far!! Awesome Discount!!!



Annie R

Always such friendly people & great customer service. discount are the best, amazing deals  Never leave unsatisfied, you guys have a customer for life !




I absolutely love Time2Respite ! With an insane selection of best quality service, you just can’t go wrong here. And the payment system are just outstanding!


Jose M

Amazing Website and Great Pricing! Time2Respite Online vacation has wonderful Service and secure payment system.
you will absolutely thank yourself for booking from time2respiste.



Johnny M

Easy to deal with and very personable customer service finally a MOM that actually knows the definition of Quads .


Susan R

Fast booking confirmation, great service. Better than what I found in website. Price is really good too. It’s a bang for a buck thing when you booking from


Terrence S

Best ever. I tell all my friends and family. Simply best website for booking online.
Keep up the great work guys!

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